SCTP Vision 20/20 Campaign

In 2016 the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation launched a  campaign entitled, “VISION 20/20” with the goal to grow national youth participation in the Scholastic Clay Target Program. DONORS like you can help the Rio Salado Target Terminators program thrive well beyond 2020.

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How To Fill Out Donation Form

Example Email To Send To Friends & Family

Subject Line: Rio Salado Target Terminators

Hi <Donor Name>,

As you may know I am a member of Rio Salado Target Terminators, a local youth shooting sports team. I believe that recreational sport shooting teaches  many valuable skills such as respect, responsibility, discipline, leadership, safety, teamwork and the importance of protecting our constitutional rights. Thousands of student athletes have developed and refined these skills through teams just like mine!

Members of Rio Salado Target Terminators are participating in a fundraising campaign called Vision 2020 sponsored by our national parent organization, the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF). I’d like to ask you for your help in supporting us by making a simple, tax-deductible donation before the end of the year.

Your donation will…

  • Be tax deductible and Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation will provide you with a receipt you can use for your taxes.
  • Support the operating needs of Rio Salado Target Terminators for the upcoming season.
  • Help our team endowment account at the MidwayUSA Foundation grow for future needs and support the team forever.
  • Be matched by the MidwayUSA Foundation.
  • Be matched by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation if received as part of the first $165,000 raised in the campaign.
  • Help other teams around the country get started.

Visit the official campaign page for complete details on how your donation benefits Rio Salado Target Terminators!

There are two ways you can donate:
  1. Securely online…
  2. Download a form and mail in your donation…

Be sure to list me on the donation form as the person who contacted you and use Team ID 1070 at the time of the donation so the donation is directed to Rio Salado Target Terminators!

Donations must be received before the end of the year, but why wait? Please do it today!

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

<Team Member Name>