The following is from an email from Brian Witty, the organizer of the 2020 AZ Jr Olympics/AZGFD International Cup State Championship, sent out on March 18, 2020

Good Afternoon International Athletes and Parents,

I regret to inform you that “I” am making the decision to suspend this weekend’s concurrent international events. A portion of this comes from the recent cancellation of a participants reservations at the Tucson casino/hotel along with notice of other Tucson facilities closure but “not the Tucson Trap and Skeet Club”. “I” am also making this decision to cancel as I have not received correspondence from USAS or AZGFD providing either support of the mitigation plan as previously shared or denial of hosting the event. I do not want to extend any personal liability on the many volunteers who have so graciously agreed to support this event and your personal commitment to attend (100% agreement by all) but I also wanted to take the due diligence of placing each of you in a position to more effectively adjust your planning in a timely manner. Personally I want keep you all in a healthy state both physically and mentally as I value each one of you and your skill sets as I look at each of you as family. It is my mission to assure that no one under my leadership is put in harm from my actions.

At this time please note that I am in no position to forecast a future date for rescheduling of this event, know if a rescheduled event will be necessitated, or know how these current actions will affect admission to the national events that have yet to determine as to their status as time determines there status. In closing, I would very much like to thank you all for your support and share the following information that I have placed in this email as it was provided via SSSF as a wonderful resource in conveying the above with your athlete or team. Thank you again for all you do and what you bring to this fantastic sport!

Brian Witty