Rio Salado Target Terminator Family:

We are sad to announce that we have made the decision that the Rio Salado Target Terminators will not participate in the Virtual SCTP Nationals this month. AZGFD has informed the head coaches in Arizona that due to the current COVID-19 situation in Arizona, they are still not permitting any SCTP clubs in Arizona to participate in any team organized and/or sponsored events under AZGFD.  Since they provide our club’s and coaches insurance that puts us in the position of making this decision for this summer.  We cannot ask our coaches to volunteer their time without any protections or jeopardize our club in any way.  We were hoping conditions would improve and AZGFD would loosen their restrictions for Nationals but that is not the case.

We hope that everyone is healthy and doing their part by wearing masks when out in public to help in getting this situation under control.  We are disappointed that masks have become a political issue in our society as we strongly feel that wearing a mask is a very small thing to ask of all individuals.  We live in the best country in the world and we have wonderful freedoms but along with that comes responsibility on the part of every citizen.

We hope everyone has a safe Fourth of July weekend while celebrating this great country that we are honored to call home!

We hope to see everyone in September on Friday, 9-18-20 for sign ups for next season.

Jeff & Tonya Schultz
Rio Salado Target Terminators