Fry’s Community Rewards

If you shop at any Kroger Food stores, in Arizona they are Fry’s Food, you can donate to the Rio Salado Target Terminators by simply shopping there. Once you link your VIP Shopping Card to our organization that is it, nothing else is needed on your part. Please follow the steps below to link your VIP Shopping Card.

Can I participate in this fundraising activity?

Yes, as long as you shop at one of the stores listed below you can participate. Once you have confirmed please follow the steps in the right hand column.

If you are not a Fry’s Food Customer it is ok. If the store that you shop at is listed below use that link to enroll and participate. In the instructions to the right, just replace the Fry’s Food link with one of the links below.

Signing Up

STEP 1: Create an online Fry’s Account

**NOTE: If you already have an online Fry’s account, skip to Step #2 below.

1) Go to http://www.frysfood.com/

2) Select Create Account link under the Sign In icon in the upper right hand corner.

3) Fill out the information in the Under Create Your Account page. Do not forget to enter your VIP Card information as well.

4) Once you have filled out all the information click the Create Account button

5) You will then be prompted to check your email for a confirmation email, login to your email and Click the hyperlink in your email to finish creating your Online Fry’s Account

6) Continue to Step #2 below to register for the Community Rewards Program for Rio Salado Target Terminators!

STEP 2: Register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program

If you are already signed in please skip to number 4
1) Go to www.fryscommunityrewards.com

2) Select Sign-In

3) Enter your email and password then select sign in (this will be the email and password you created in step 1

4) Select My Account then select Account Settings from drop down menu

5) Click ‘edit under Community Rewards. If prompted, enter personal information

6) Under Find Your Organization: Type “Rio Salado Target Terminators” then click search

7) Under Select Your Organization: Select box next to Rio Salado Target Terminators

8) Then select save changes

9) If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization information listed under Community Rewards on your Account Summary page

Fine Print from the Fry’s Community Rewards website:

  • Within 7 to 10 business days of successfully enrolling your Fry’s V.I.P Card, you will see at the bottom of your Fry’s receipt: “At your request, Fry’s is donating to Rio Salado Target Terminators.”
  • Gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, and fuel purchases do not count towards rewards. Visit the Community Rewards website for a full list of items that don’t count towards rewards.
  • Fry’s does not sell trade or rent their customers’ personal information to outside companies or marketing firms. Please read their complete Privacy Policy online at www.frysfood.com.