Welcome to all our Rio Salado Target Terminators for the 2023-24 Season!   
Second practice info below.
We do ask for patience and understanding from everyone as this is just our second practice of the season.  It will be a busy evening with several new athletes & families. Please remember that all of our coaches are volunteers in this program and truly enjoy introducing the shooting sports to our athletes and making this an enjoyable sport for everyone!
** NEW ATHLETES —  ATTENDED RSTT Orientation / Safety Class on Sept 22  — Sign up for DryFire only  (this also includes a 30 minute time at the Practice Field (incoming/outgoing targets) following DryFire.)  This includes athletes that did their first round of DryFire last practice – You will repeat DryFire a couple more times to help instill good habits.
**  NEW ATHLETES & RETURNING ATHLETES –  DID NOT attend Orientation / Safety Class on Sept 22  — Sign up for SAFETY CLASS.   We will work you in at DryFire following the Safety Class if you are new.  
  –  NEW ATHLETES – Please DO NOT sign up for anything else this week if you are new other than Safety Class.  
  –  RETURNING ATHLETE – You may sign up for the TRAP FIELD sessions also but allow a minimum of 45 minutes for Safety Class before Trap time slot.
**  RETURNING ATHLETES (that attended Safety Class on Sept 22) –   For this practice, we are reserving everything after 5:15 p.m. on the Practice Field for New Athletes.  The 5:00 p.m. slots are open for returning athletes that need that individual refresher.   Please sign up for the TRAP Field for this week after the 5:00 p.m. slots are filled.  If you have a concern on this, please sign up for TRAP and email me so that we will attempt to work you into the Practice Field as available.
   –  TRAP is the upper field directly across the bridge – 5 shooters per squad
   –  INCOMING is the lower stations where coaches are one-on-one with the athletes.
Please completely read the instructions on the SignUp Genius entry.    
Please remember your name tag, shooting pouch, hat & glasses on Friday for practice!!!
Please remember — Eye Protection is required for EVERYONE.  RX Eyewear is fine.   
NO LOANER GLASSES.  Safety Glasses available at SCTP Conex for $2 each.  
SSSF DocuSign Emails – If you have not completed your SSSF documents that were emailed to you, this must be completed before Live Shooting is permitted.
Please email or call if you have issues or questions.  We are looking forward to a great season.
Thank you,
Tonya  & Jeff Schultz